Who We Are?

Our Mission

Our sailing interest started in South Africa in 1982. Moved to Corfu Greece in 1993 with our first Jouet 960 sailing boat.
Together with my wife Anna worked the first year as base manager for an English flotila and after that as base manager for many Greek charter companies like Athenian Yachts, Moorings, Ocean Yachts, Egiali Yachting, Fyly Yachting etc.

Vrakotas Big Blue Charters Ltd started in 2005 managing our own boats and boats left in our care belonging to different owners. All maintenance and repairs were done by ourselves.

We established a good relationship with many overseas Yacht charter agencies due to our good referencies from the charter clients we served all these years.

Vrakotas Big Blue Charters Ltd from 2019 is owned and run by our son Victor who has been sailing since the age of 10 with many long day & night hours during boat deliveries from Athens to Corfu and vice versa.

Vrakotas Big Blue Charters Ltd appart from managing and chartering their own boats are also base managers of FYLY Yachting. Fyly Yachting is also an importer of the Dufour Yachts and charter company with bases in many parts of Greece.

Moved to Sweden in 2019 to join my wife Anna and started Charters Greece by Vrakotas Big Blue Charters. The aim of the new company is to promote yacht charters to Greece.With our experience and knowledge we can guarantee you a hasle free sailing holiday in Greece.

Extraordinary Experiences


Why choose us

We have our own base in Corfu
We are in Greece during the summer in order to help
We peronally know most boat owners and boats
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